What are Restricted Keys and How are They More Secure?

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Restricted Keys are manufactured with the aim of preventing duplication of the keys and hence without authorisation no one can cut the key thus ensuring higher security for the house or building complex. These keys use the power of the patent to prevent the development of duplicate keys and it requires authorisation from the owner to get the duplicate keys. These lock and key systems are highly secure and are highly resistant to numerous known methods of the forced opening of the locks like the pick and manipulation technique. We can offer the perfect restricted key for your premise that will enhance the security of your premises.

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Master Key and Restricted Key Systems

The master key systems, when utilised in combination with restricted keys, make for a formidable defence of your house from intruders, burglars, and unauthorised access. A good example might be when one is having staff working in an office where the manager can have access to all the rooms but each specific staff is allowed access to the room required for their work. The master key can actually open all the locks whereas the other keys can open only specific locks. We have over the years installed and supplied restricted keys for locks for commercial premises and even residential houses. If you want these keys to be installed in your locks then do gives us a call for a discussion of your requirements.

We Have Good Industry-Wide Connections!

We have forged good connections with the manufacturers and suppliers over the years and hence we know which key system will be good for your company and can even install international ones if there is a requirement for such keys. Due to our partnerships with various brands, we are able to bring to you the best high-security locks and keys. Over the years it has been observed that the houses and building complexes that use high-security keys are less susceptible to burglary attempts thus justifying the investment in such locks and keys. The restricted keys generally require the individual to go through some kind of identification process for getting a copy of the key and thus duplicating the keys is very difficult.

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