Locked Out of The Home in The Dead of The Night?

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Are you locked out of your house due to a lost key, lock jammed, key stuck inside the lock, etc? In Melbourne, contact Mylock Locksmiths as we are the leading locksmiths specialising in all residential lock issues. We provide the quickest and most dependable lockout service available all day long. So you need not worry about being locked out in the middle of the night as we can be at your location in the least amount of time. We operate throughout the day and provide lockout services at any time of day or night since emergencies tend to occur at the most inconvenient time.

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Effective Use of Specialised Tools to Resolve the Lockout!

The specialised equipment used by us is quite expensive and we use it to ensure that the lock of the house is not damaged in any way. Although certain locks may need drilling we make you aware of the situation that generally occurs when the locks are of high-security nature. We also offer you a spare key if you like for the lock in case you have lost your keys. We customise the solution in each case as no two locks are the same. If your lock has been jammed we too have several ways to ensure that the lock is disengaged so that you can have access to your house.

Why Should You Stay Away from Swindlers Posing as Cheap Locksmiths?

In cases where there is a requirement for a replacement lock, we will inform you of the same at the start. We only use locks from trusted suppliers and manufacturers and hence there is no compromise on your home’s security. Contacting con artists who advertise ridiculously low locksmith costs can land you in trouble. These individuals do not have the license and qualification to carry out the job and hence leave your security compromised. They skyrocket the price once they arrive and present murky justifications for the price increase thus causing significant stress for you. Also, they damage the locks and then install new ones of bogus quality thus leaving the house’s security compromised.

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    How to Book Our Services in Case of a Lockout?

    Over the years we have resolved many lockout situations and each time we have done it successfully. We are licensed and competent specialists, so you can rely on us in any scenario and at any time of the day. Our services are competitively priced so that you pay only for what you receive without any hidden charges. In case you are stuck outside the house and can’t get in do give us a call on 0431 222 996 and we will be at your location as soon as possible. If you have any queries you can drop a mail at info@mylock.com.au and we will reach back to you.

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