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In the modern time, many people prefer to choose digital, electronic & smart locks as these locks do have features that are generally absent in the old-style mechanical locks. We at Mylock Locksmiths have expert locksmiths with the requisite qualification, who serve as your best guide for installing the perfect locks in the house. We offer the best independent advice and can install the best locks in your building or house. We install only products that are really good when it comes to offering the perfect security for your home rather than just installing flashy electronic locks that only look nice but don’t function properly. We are able to offer independent advice since we deal with trusted manufacturers of locks and hence can have years of expertise in this field.

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Why the Craze for Smart Locks is Growing Exponentially?

The greatest ability of digital locks is that it comes with far more features than a normal lock. While even good quality mechanical locks can only strongly secure the door, digital lock on the other hand can have their codes to open the door be changed quickly and easily. The ability to audit the lock is another excellent feature and along with the ability to remotely monitor making access control easier. These locks are perfect if one has listed the property with Airbnb where the host can remotely send codes for the property and even set the time eligibility. We can recommend for you the perfect combination of physical locks along with digital locks for ensuring double security of the house.

Dive into the Massive World of Smart House Locks!

The world of smart locks is massive and vast and one should seek advice from the best locksmiths like us to avoid getting a lock that only looks good with the electric components but doesn’t have the requisite physical strength. While both standalone locks mechanical and electronic keyless ones require codes the former does not require batteries while the latter is actually much more secure with local audit feature. The standalone smart keyless option is also quite good but does not have internet connectivity. The network-connected electronic keyless option is the best for most residential houses as one can have remote access to the lock. The access control locking systems are the best when it comes to security as they offer access with fingerprints, and cards, and are auditable.

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    Why Mylock Locksmiths are The Preferred Choice for Most People?

    All the digital and smart locking systems require experts to install them and also require expert consultation since each situation requires different solutions based on the requirements since these locks are expensive. So one needs perfect locks that offer the optimum security for which the investment amount can be justified. Our locksmiths have police checks and comply with working with children check for your safety. Just dial us at 0431 222 996 and will offer you the best quote or you can even reach out to us by filling up the online form.

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