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Well, the locks in the house are meant to secure the house and hence the locks are of no use if they are compromised in any way. There are many situations when the locks of the house are simply compromised. Some of the situations might be when you are moving into a rented house, have lost a key, or some other situations. In all such situations, we experts at Mylock Locksmiths recommend you to have your locks changed so that your house’s security is never compromised. The best part about us is that we only install locks from the most trusted and leading suppliers and manufacturers. Even if you are a working professional and do not have time on weekdays you can book our services on any day holiday or even after-hours service is available.

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Why Master Key Systems are Better for Access Control?

We understand the frustration you face when you reach home and have to open every lock of the house with a different key. Also, sometimes using too many keys for the locks of the house increases the chances of misplacing a key. Using master key systems allows you to have both a single key to open each and every lock on the property as well as separate keys for all the locks. This is an effective way to maintain access control inside the house or property. Also, when the front and back door keys of the house are keyed alike then you can surely reduce the weight of the keys when you are carrying them around.

Our Methodology for Fixing Your Security Concerns

We understand it can be a traumatic experience if your house has been burgled or your house keys were stolen. In both situations, we recommend you change the locks of the house and install good-quality locks. Also, in case you are living in a rented house then we do not need to change the entire locks as we can re-key the locks as well. This process allows the solution to the problem and only you will be in possession of the keys while the cost of the process is also quite less. The security of your house and premises is paramount and hence re-keying your locks is important and our professional locksmiths service the locking mechanism.

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    Whether you had left the keys with a tradesperson or you have rented out an old apartment it is better to secure your premises. We do not charge any hidden fees by stating dubious reasons and we offer our services while keeping the prices competitive. Give us a call at 0431 222 996 or message us by filling out the online enquiry form and we will come to your location and do the job onsite.

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