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Losing your car keys is a mishap which can occur to anyone who has a car. You could have forgotten them somewhere, and you’re wracking your brain, trying to remember where you last left them. Perhaps they’re inside the car, even while your motor is running, a most embarrassing situation. Your keys can be broken, and you don’t remember where you put the spare. Finally, the lock itself can be broken too while the keys are fine. Don’t worry. At Mylock Locksmith, we can help you out of any car key-related distress. We are based south of Melbourne, so if you need an auto locksmith in Frankston, it’s just a half hour’s drive away.

Tricks when Your Keys are Inside the Car

Wait, you tell yourself. While Mylock Locksmith is a team of experienced and fully licenced locksmiths, and their services are reliable and top-quality, tricks do exist if your keys are inside the car. Indeed, and they’re very simple too. If you’d rather try to help yourself first, before calling a mobile locksmith to Frankston, here they are:

  • Your keys may be inside; your door may be locked, but what about the trunk? That may be open. Check the back of your car. Is it open? Excellent! You’ll need to be lithe and limber though to wriggle inside, and it does look awkward, but it works like a charm.
  • You can also get your door open with a coat hanger or a screwdriver. Before you start, are you 100% certain that the lock is completely mechanical? Even if it’s already fifteen years old, there may be electronic parts in the door. If you have a relatively new car, chances are highest, you’ll damage it, especially if you revert to using the screwdriver. Then you’re worse off than when you started. One piece of advice if you insist on doing this: try it on the passenger’s door.
  • A drastic method only to be used as a last resort, is breaking your car window. If you’re not worried about the damage, then this is the quickest way to get back inside. Also, take great care that you don’t injure yourself. Finally, not all second-hand car windows are easy to find, and some don’t come cheap at all. If you do this, break the car window on the passenger side, so that most of the broken glass will land on the passenger seat instead of yours.

In all the above cases, the police may catch you, and they will expect a convincing explanation, even if it’s your own car. At Mylock Locksmith services in Frankston, we are industry-accredited, have a white card and police clearance.

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Call us at 0431 222 996 for 24/7 fast response, send an email to or fill in our contact form if you need a locksmith in Frankston. Our mobile workshop services all Melbourne and can be with you in less than half an hour. We are experienced working with cars, trucks and motorbikes.