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Mylock Locksmiths in Malvern East are your local locksmiths that you can trust for untimely lock fitting and repair, repining locks and refitting locks for large houses or businesses that have been broken into. Our mission is to provide you the highest level of safety for your home and business so that you could carry on your routine activities with a peace of mind. You can turn to us for re‑keying identical locks to allow one key to provide access to multiple areas. We also design mechanical or electronic systems to enable you to control access to areas.

If you have lost the keys to a vault, desk or filing counter, turn to the professionals at Mylock Locksmiths to get new keys and the lock open.

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We cover you for:

  • Changing locks
  • Repairing Locks
  • Installation of New Locks
  • Installation of Electronic Locks
  • Master Key Systems
  • Damage Repairs
  • Open Locks with No Key
  • Re-key Identical Locks

Increase Safety of Home. Turn to Mylock Locksmiths in case of untimely lockouts and emergencies.

Mylock Locksmiths covers you for basic key cutting and house key replacement if you have lost or broken your house key or they have been stolen. We can also help you get out of the bind if you have locked yourself out of the house. Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we put meticulous attention and care while installing house locks and remaking keys for some or all of your property. Mylock Locksmiths can also help you with Security Cameras and Alarms.

Manage your safety and privacy. Our comprehensive range of residential locksmith services in Malvern includes:

  • Key Cutting
  • House Lock Outs
  • New Locks (tumblers)
  • Emergency Locksmiths
  • Same Key Locks
  • Repair Locks
  • Lost Key Replacement

Mylock locksmiths cover you for any locksmith emergency at an untimely hour. We help you keep your property safe by offering key cutting for general keys, security keys and restrictive master keys. Be it the replacement of lost keys or making up new keys for existing locks, look no further than our skillful professionals. We promise to get you back inside your home, car or business in a matter of time.

If you have locked yourself out of your car, then there is no need to fret. We will get into your car to get you back on the road. If someone has broken into your car, then we can change your locks and organise repairs that include same day window replacement.

Our auto locksmith services include:

  • Broken Keys
  • Lost Keys
  • Break-In Repairs
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Locks (tumblers) Changed
  • Keys Locked in Car

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    Our comprehensive security solutions include:

    Mylock locksmiths’ cameras enable you to efficiently keep an eye on your property. For high clarity surveillance of your premises, call us for the installation of CCTV cameras.

    We install lockable bolts of all kinds and sizes to ensure the safety of your premises.

    We secure your doors and gates with our robust, heavy-duty padlocks and chains. This grants you impassable security and the ultimate peace of mind.

    We guarantee the protection of your essential files and documents from all fire hazards with secure fire-proof filing cabinets.

    Turn to the best Malvern locksmith team whenever and wherever you’re locked out. Get in touch with us! We are available 24/7 give us a call on 0431 222 996.

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      Welcome to Mylock locksmiths. We are a family owned and operated locksmith business with 20 years of experience in the construction industry and 3 years of experience in the locksmith business.

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