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If you got stuck in the office someday and badly needed assistance from a locksmith, you should’ve connected to our automotive locksmith. By the way, you can now easily feed our contact on your smartphone as we’re one of the reputable mobile automotive locksmith service providers in the industry. No one can challenge the credibility of My Locks as we work in association with Victoria police check. Apart from this, we also provide for children’s checks in VIC. In addition, if you need to improve the safety of your home or office premises, we can bring you the most advanced CCTV cameras and other important security accessories.

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We offer emergency automotive locksmith services as well as security gear all under one roof. My Locks is a licensed and registered company that is focused on robust security and quick assistance. Be it residential, commercial, or a vehicle, our 24 hour emergency locksmith can unlock any window or door. Moreover, if the key of your car has been crashed, then professionals can provide your other active and functional key. We also help people who have recently shifted to new homes and want to replace their current locks in view of decreasing security risk. Thus, industry experts call us the most trusted lock specialists in Melbourne and the suburbs.

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    Please call on 0431 222 996 to talk with our security systems executive or ask your question by submitting an online enquiry. The trained professionals at My Locks are committed to serve best quality services at any cost.

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