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Restricted key locks can’t be refined by unauthorised automotive locksmith brands. Only registered and licensed companies can make a duplicate key for your lock, and My Locks has the validation. We work for the Victoria police check, so you can count on our authorisation and establishment. We’re also a reputable mobile automotive locksmith company and have been serving the industry for many years, hence renowned builders and contractors trust our professional teams and the talent of our staff members. We attempt aggressively when you call us for an urgent solution in terms of removing faults from the door or window locks.

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Our emergency automotive locksmith is qualified to open and repair the door or window of your vehicle. Furthermore, he can make a new key so that you will not face the same situation again in the future. Besides that, we also deal in padlocks and chains. Whenever you want to apply great quality chains and traditional heavy-duty locks, you should look no further. My Locks is one of the leading security system solution companies that can improve the safety of your property with providing 24 hour automotive locksmith, advanced CCTV cameras, durable fireproof cabinets, and robust safety locks with metal chains.

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      Welcome to Mylock locksmiths. We are a family owned and operated locksmith business with 20 years of experience in the construction industry and 3 years of experience in the locksmith business.

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