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My Locks have trained every automotive locksmith with practising lock engineering, so now he can tackle any arduous situation, whether keys are missing or left inside the vehicle itself. Besides, our team of professionals can install top quality and modern technology CCTV cameras at your premises. Additionally, they can also provide you with padlocks and chains when you require them to improve the security of your property. You can call our mobile automotive locksmith to your address if you’re unable to drive your car. Our licensed security technicians can get you all kinds of solutions pertaining to locks or safety problems.

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Our focused 24 hour automotive locksmith will never care about the temperature outside and will visit your location in one call so that you can reach your home safely. We understand the risk of emergencies and that is why we never deny urgent assistance. Our fireproof file cabinets are tested and trusted by many industry leaders. My Locks never promote cheap products when it comes to the security of important files, homes, and commercial sites. Whether it is an evergreen heavy-duty restricted key lock or a contemporary digital lock, our well-qualified emergency automotive locksmith can open any lock and make a duplicate key with your permission.

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    Since we don’t have any switches to turn on or off our services, you can call on 0431 222 996 anytime of the day. We’re committed to assisting you 24×7 in emergency situations. Submit an online enquiry to find out more about My Locks.

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