Introduction to The World of High Security Locks & Keys

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One of the problems that many businesses face is that the keys can be duplicated because with modern-day sophistication it is actually possible to make duplicate keys of locks. High security locks & keys make it nearly impossible to develop duplicate keys without the permission of the owner and hence make the premises safe from intrusion attempts. One can install high-security key systems along with standard locks which actually enhances the security of the lock thus making the building safe. Over the years many businesses recognising the need for better security have made the switch to high-security keys. We at Mylock Locksmiths offer professional consultation and install these systems and have significant experience in doing so.

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Benefits and Advantages of High-Security Key Systems

How about stopping others, including professional locksmiths from gaining surreptitious entry to your premises? Well, with high-security key systems you can get a plethora of benefits like key copy protection, master key systems, lock pick proof, and better key strength. Master key systems are highly beneficial one key is required to operate numerous locks. It sets up a hierarchy where the key lower in the hierarchy than the master key would be able to open a few locks or a single lock in the building. This is perfect for giving employees the required access to areas they need and not for others.

What are Master Key Systems and Their Benefits?

Over the years the use of computer software has helped in developing flawless master key systems that can be used with thousands of locks with practically no loss of security for the system. Also, the high-security keys are completely manipulation proof thus ensuring that nobody can get access to the house without the owner’s authorisation. These high-security keys are actually quite durable and hence they last for a significantly longer time. This is quite important since most commercial complexes are high-traffic areas with many people going in and going out. The high-security key systems are actually patented and hence key duplication is not possible if a patent expires then it is advised to upgrade to newer security.

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    High-Security Keys Systems Customised to Your Requirements!

    Over the years we have offered our superior services to many different commercial customers and thus have formed strong business relationships with them. Our customer-minded approach allows us to deliver the best to our customers and we offer not just those high-security key systems that are made and available in Australia but even international high-security locks. At Mylock Locksmiths we are always here to offer you the best in security and locking systems. Feel free to give us a call on 0431 222 996 or drop us a mail at Also, if you want us to contact you about your high-security key system requirements you can submit an online enquiry with all the details.

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    CCTV Cameras

    Combining high clarity and maximum range, our cameras provide the most efficient means to keep an eye on your property.

    Lockable Bolts

    Lockable bolts of all kinds and sizes are provided to ensure the safety of your premises.

    Padlocks / Chains

    Securing your doors and gates with our robust, durable padlocks and chains grants you impenetrable security.

    Fire Proof Filing Cabinets

    Sturdy fire-proof filing cabinets guarantee the protection of your essential files and documents from all fire hazards.

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