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When you are a landlord then looking after the installation of each and every lock on your different properties can be both tedious and bothersome. Our professional body corporate services are the perfect choice when it comes to installing locks on every door. We can take care of everything from scheduling the visit to informing the tenants of the same so that they do not face any inconvenience. We can also offer our services with the same zeal even if there is a requirement of a single lock without any delay at any time of the day.

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We take complete care of your properties whether be it installing firelocks in the building or CCTV cameras for better surveillance. If you’re the owner of a commercial building we can install fireproof filing cabinets as well for protecting your important documents that ensure that you can keep your important documents away from fire hazards. Also, whatever your location within Melbourne we can reach you within the least amount of time so that you are not inconvenienced at the last moment. Also, we have significant experience in installing high-security restricted master key systems that are perfect for multi-residence buildings. The system allows keeping track of the possession of the keys and the owner can possess the master key.

Why Re-Key All Your House Or Commercial Complex Locks?

We have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and all our locksmiths have years of experience in dealing with lock and key issues. We can also rekey all your locks so that a single key can give access to all of the property. This is helpful to keep control of who has access to which portion of the property. As an example, the cook might be given access to the kitchen while the owner might have access to the whole building. This ensures that each person has restricted access according to their requirements.

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    Licensed and Professionally Qualified Locksmith

    Over the years we have served numerous commercial customers and we have a strong penchant for delivering the best every time. We use locks from only trusted suppliers and brands to ensure maximum security for our clients. Our customer’s safety is our priority and hence we have locksmiths with Victoria police check and ensure compliance with working with children check as well. Make a booking by filling up the online enquiry form or you can feel free to have a chat with us on 0431 222 996.

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    CCTV Cameras

    Combining high clarity and maximum range, our cameras provide the most efficient means to keep an eye on your property.

    Lockable Bolts

    Lockable bolts of all kinds and sizes are provided to ensure the safety of your premises.

    Padlocks / Chains

    Securing your doors and gates with our robust, durable padlocks and chains grants you impenetrable security.

    Fire Proof Filing Cabinets

    Sturdy fire-proof filing cabinets guarantee the protection of your essential files and documents from all fire hazards.

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