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Do you require a key for your motorbike since you lost your original ones? We at Mylock Locksmiths specialise not just in car locks but motorbikes, trucks, and forklifts as well. Over the years we have offered our superior services to a large number of customers. We protect you from the hassle of having to tow the vehicle as we come to your location and cut-to-size a key for your bike, truck, or forklift. No job is impossible for us when it comes to designing keys for your vehicle’s lock and we take utmost care thus causing no damage to your vehicle.

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Misplaced Your Truck Keys? Developing Truck Key is Child’s Play for Us!

Well, lost your truck’s keys and now waiting for your vehicle to get towed? Wait, we can help as we come to your location and offer to design a new key for you thus saving both your time and money. Well, generally trucks do not possess the security features that are generally found in cars such as transponder chips but there are trucks that do have transponder chips in the keys and hence an immobiliser system in the ignition lock. Our locksmiths can easily deal with both situations and offer you respite from the trouble of being stuck with an immovable large truck.

Love Your Bike? Well Then Don’t Tow It! We Offer Replacement Keys!

We all love riding a bike and the feeling of the cool breeze on our faces while riding is really mesmerising. However, the same bike can give you a headache if you happen to lose its key. Bikes like cars have several security features embedded for preventing it from getting easily unlocked. We at Mylock however possess the ability to develop a key for any bike whether be it a brand new sports bike or a cheap old bike. Generally, the ignition lock has more wafers but with our expertise we are able to work out the duplicate key without the removal of the ignition lock.

Developing Replacement Forklift Keys are Walk in the Park for Us!

Does your business or industrial plant use a forklift for transporting goods but the key is lost? You would be brooding about how to get this heavy machine to work again. Well just call us and the job will be done in the least time possible as the keys can be developed easily by experienced locksmiths and thus there will be the least downtime in your business operations.

Save Hassle and Cost of Towing Your Vehicle! Contact Us!

Over the years many have been customers successfully served by us and this stands as testimony to our professionalism. Whether the vehicle requires a transponder key or a simple cut-to-size metal key we can assist with all situations just give us a call at 0431 222 996 or drop us a mail at info@mylock.com.au. Also, you can request our services by submitting an online message.

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