Lost your Car Keys? Well, Mylock Locksmiths Can Make The Keys!

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Well, if you have lost your keys then there’s absolutely no need to panic even if your car is a new one with the latest security features. We at Mylock Locksmiths have the necessary expertise and ability to develop and design a new key that works perfectly through the information you give to us. Most modern cars have different types of transponders in the keys and reprogramming a key is the most crucial step. Worry not our locksmiths are well trained and well-equipped to deal with the issue even if your vehicle works with a proximity key. Also, should you need an extra spare key then we can offer it as well which will be developed by our locksmith on the spot.

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What Information Do We Need from You?

Well, you don’t need to provide us with a huge list of information and data for us to design and develop your duplicate key. We simply need certain details License plate number or the VIN number for getting other details like model number, year, etc. We will reach your location and cut the key along with programming it for operating in the ignition lock perfectly. That’s the benefit with us as we come to you, unlike the dealer where you have to get the vehicle towed. Also, we offer our services on the spot rather than the dealer who will return you back the car after days and not hours. This is simply because we are experts at the job we do and doesn’t like our customer to wait for long.

The Process of Making Your New Key

The process typically involves disassembling one of your car’s locks and then designing the car’s key from the information available. We get the remaining information about the design of the key using software and also some information is decoded through our experience. We cut the key according to the requirement and then the next step of programming the transponder begins. We use a diagnostic tool is used for programming the new keys and eliminating the lost ones. Some cars require different methods like EEPROM programming, or even programming of the remote or proximity keys as well. Sometimes we do need the security PIN which can be obtained from the dealer using your ID. Finally, the new keys are handed over to you. Well, in the complete process you can rest assured that your vehicle or the locks would not be damaged in any way.

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Over the years the security of the cars has significantly increased and it requires skill, experience along with the right diagnostic tool for the design and development of the final key. That is why we suggest that you approach experienced professionals like us and not someone who offers to unlock your car for cheap. You can reach out to us at info@mylock.com.au or just dial 0402 288 568 on your phone and we will be more than happy to offer you a quote.

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