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A car’s ignition lock can become damaged over time due to the numerous functions it needs to perform. At Mylock Locksmiths, we’re experienced in dealing with all ignition lock issues regardless of the make or model of the car. Before towing away your car thinking it’s of no use, give us a call and we’ll be there in next to no time to fix your ignition lock issue fast. We have locksmiths who are highly trained in the profession, giving them the expertise required for ignition barrel replacement and repair.

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Get Your Ignition Lock Checked Before It Breaks Down

Mylock Locksmiths offers preventative maintenance of the ignition lock, as generally the barrel lock starts acting up before becoming dysfunctional. If you’ve noticed any issues with your ignition, let us have a check. We can look it over and provide a fix to ensure you won’t become stuck in an inconvenient situation. When you book our services, you don’t need to worry about bringing the car to us. Just relax and we’ll come to the location that’s most suitable for you.

Ignition Lock Issues We Can Help With

Our automotive locksmiths have worked on almost all car makes and models and have experience in dealing with a variety of ignition issues. Here are some of the most common ignition lock issues we can fix:

  • Key unable to turn on the ignition
  • Jamming of the ignition lock
  • Unable to remove the key from the ignition

There are also many more issues we can help address, such as no dash lights turning on, or the key breaking off when it’s in the ignition. You might feel that towing away the car to a mechanic is the only option left, but this can leave your car stuck for days. We offer a convenient alternative, responding to your situation promptly by arriving on-site and offering either ignition switch replacement or repair on site.

Ignition Switch Replacement or Repair – We Can Do it All!

If the cylinder in your car’s barrel lock has become damaged and you can’t turn the ignition switch, it may need to be completely replaced. Sometimes repair of an ignition lock isn’t recommended simply because the ignition barrel replacement cost is more or less the same as that of repairing the ignition lock. In other situations, however, a simple key code to code could fix the issue.

Mylock Locksmiths has a team of licensed and experienced car key barrel locksmiths that can assist with ignition switch replacement and repair services across Melbourne. Our locksmiths understand the urgency of having your car key barrel replaced or repaired so you can use your vehicle once more. We also offer the fairest ignition barrel replacement cost as well as an affordable barrel lock repair service.

Our ignition barrel replacement technicians are available 24/7 and have the skills and equipment needed to promptly replace or repair the key barrel of any car make and model. You can rest assured that once you give us a call, we’ll provide you with a fixed quote after discussing all the details.

Don’t Fall for Cheap Ignition Lock Repair Claims by Fraudsters!

Beware of anyone quoting you a ridiculously low price for ignition lock repairs or offering an ignition barrel replacement cost that’s too good to be true. These are swindlers trying to make a quick buck, and they can do more harm to your car, even compromising the car’s safety features. Just give Mylock Locksmiths a call on 0431 222 996 or submit an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you soon with a fixed quote with no shady charges.

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