Towing Away Car Due to Ignition Lock Issues? Mylock Locksmiths Can Help!

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The ignition lock perhaps takes the most damage thanks to the numerous functions it needs to perform. We at Mylock are experienced in dealing with all ignition lock issues whatever be the brand or model of the car. Before towing away your car thinking it’s of no use, do give us a call and we will be there in the shortest time possible to fix the ignition lock issues right away. We have locksmiths who are highly trained in the profession as ignition issues are difficult to fix and require significant training.

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Get Your Ignition Lock Checked Before It Breaks Down

Mylock locksmiths also offer preventative maintenance of the ignition lock since it has been generally found that the lock generally starts acting up before becoming dysfunctional. We suggest that you let us have a look at your ignition lock if it has staring causing some trouble to prevent you from getting stuck in an inconvenient situation. When you book our services you don’t need to worry about bringing the car to us. Just relax and we will come over to your suitable location.

What Ignition Lock Issues are Dealt by Us?

We have worked on almost all the brands and models and have experience in dealing with a variety of ignition issues and hence will be able to offer you the perfect solution. Here is a look at some of the common issues faced in ignition locks:

  • Key unable to turn on the ignition
  • Jamming of the ignition lock
  • Unable to remove the key from the ignition

There are many more issues like no dash lights turning on, or sometimes even the key breaks when in the ignition lock. You might feel like towing away the car to a mechanic is the only option left but your car would be stuck for many days while you will have to face hassles. We on the other hand promptly respond to your situation by arriving on-site and offering either repair or replacement on site.

Repair or Replacement We Can Do It All!

Sometimes the repair of the ignition lock is not just possible simply because the cost of replacing the lock is more or less the same as that of repairing the ignition lock. In other situations however a simple key code to code would fix the issue. Be rest assured that once you give us a call we will offer you a fixed quote and will discuss with you all the details.

Don’t Fall for Cheap Ignition Lock Repair Claims by Fraudsters!

Beware of anyone quoting you a ridiculously low price for ignition lock repairs or replacement as this is simply not possible. They are just swindlers trying to make a quick buck and would do more harm to your car even compromising on the car’s safety features. Just give us a call on 0402 288 568 or drop an online enquiry and will get back to you with a quote with no shady charges.

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