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Good condition of car locks is quintessential for the safety of car occupants and we at Mylock do our best to provide you with the perfect solution. Car locks and keys take a lot of wear and tear and hence call our professional locksmiths if you start having any issues with your key or lock. Whether be it the key that doesn’t go into the lock or the key is not coming out of the lock we have the perfect solution to ease your stress. The best part about us is that we do not make you wait for days as we understand the importance of your time and offer prompt services.

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Does Your Key Need to be Jiggled Before Turning?

Well worried about your car’s key as you have to jiggle them to open the lock? Don’t worry our professionally trained locksmiths can cut keys to code thus offering you a new key. The problem generally occurs when the original key becomes old and the spacing of the key becomes distorted. Even if the lock of the car is having a problem we can repair it for you or replace it whether you own a vintage car or a brand new car model.

Stuck With Two Different Keys for Car Door Lock and Ignition Lock?

Are you always fussing about which key to use for ignition and lock due to two different keys? Mylock locksmiths are experts in rekeying the locks so that they can be operated with a single key. Sometimes the cars do end up with different locks due to reasons like an accident or an attempt to steal. We are here to make your life easy with a single lock.

Got your Car Key Stuck in Keyhole or Key Not Going In?

Key got stuck inside the lock? This is probably one of the most frustrating situations but rest your worries as we are here to help. We can disassemble the lock and then repair it to prevent another ugly scenario. Sometimes the reverse happens and this is most probably due to the dust cover getting stuck or someone had tried to force open the lock with a foreign object. Worry not as Mylock locksmiths are experienced enough to handle all such situations.

Worried About Lengthy Delays? Not with Us!

Our locksmiths have years of experience and have served many customers thus easing their stress completely. We look at all possible solutions and not just insist on changing the lock of the car as done by many dealers. We care about our customers’ time and offer prompt services without any delay. Just give us a call on 0402 288 568 and you will be back in your vehicle with no issues in the least possible time.

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