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Have you broken your car key by accident? At Mylock Locksmiths, we’ve earned a reputation for being a leading provider of replacement car keys Melbourne wide. We can provide you with a new car key replacement so that you can drive your vehicle again without worries. There can be numerous situations that lead to the unavailability of a car’s original key, from theft through to damage due to some external force. Whatever the case may be, we can cut and program a new car key for almost all car makes and models.

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We Can Also Help with Transponder Programming!

Most cars that are available in the market nowadays come with a transponder chip that works as an extra security feature for the car. At Mylock Locksmiths, our professional locksmiths can program a new car key replacement according to the car so that when the key is inserted into the ignition lock, it turns on. The car keys of most new cars, especially those that have been sold in the market in the last 10 years, almost always have a transponder. When a car key without a transponder is inserted in the ignition, the immobiliser will be activated. We can program a new transponder for you to prevent this from occurring.

Need a Spare Car Key? Get the Best Spare Car Key from Us

Whether you’re driving an older car or a brand new sedan, you can benefit from our cheap car key replacement in Melbourne. Our services aren’t just limited to a replacement, but also extend to spare keys for cars if you require them. Or perhaps you haven’t lost your original key but have simply lost the spare key. In these cases, we can offer a replacement for your spare key. We believe in transparency, which is why we offer a fixed quote for our key replacement service. Our transparency has helped us to provide high-quality spare keys for cars and deliver satisfying solutions to our customers.

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Recently many locksmiths have come up offering ridiculously cheap car key replacement prices for replacement of car keys or ignition lock repairs. But when you call them, they won’t provide a fixed quote. Instead, they’ll quote a low price and then later raise it, using flimsy excuses like the complexities of your car’s lock. In reality, any licensed professional will be able to give you a good upfront estimate of how much it will cost for a particular brand or model of car. At Mylock Locksmiths, we’re honest and upfront about our pricing, ensuring you won’t be inconvenienced at the last moment.

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