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Got locked out of the car by mistake and now feeling miserable? Well, it’s natural to feel miserable but many get into this situation as a simple slip of mind can cause one to get locked out. We at Mylock Locksmiths possess all the knowledge and have significant experience in opening car locks. One should never try to open the locks of the car by themselves as they will end up hurting the car’s lock and thus eventually one ends up spending more. We have the specialised tools for opening the lock of the car without damaging it and thus preventing any damage to the vehicle.

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Deadlocking and Non-Deadlocking We Open All Car Locks!

Over the years we have served several customers and we have a perfect track record thus you can be assured of our services. We can unlock any model and brand of car whatever the level of security. Well, the prices for unlocking are different for non-deadlocking and deadlocking cars and in recent times most cars are deadlocking. These cars have numerous safety features against theft like central locking, immobilisers, and proximity key push start, and thus opening these cars requires far more sophisticated tools. Well, we do however possess the knowledge and know-how about how to open these cars.

Our Way of Doing Work, Our Promise!

Well, you might have heard about auto locksmiths who offer their services for as low as $45. However, these are elaborate scams to swindle a large sum of money from unsuspecting customers as they will never state a fixed price. They later state shady excuses and eventually the customer is forced to pay the overcharged price and many times the lock of the car is also damaged. We know what to do in each situation and have confidence in our experience and skills. Hence we are able to offer you a fixed quote and also promise you no damage guarantee to your car in the lock opening process. We, however, require you to prove your identity and after that, we start our work, though there is no need to prove ownership of the vehicle.

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    With changes in technology, cars have become better in terms of security and hence the price for opening the lock of each car varies. We don’t make you wait indefinitely and offer you with expected time within which we will arrive and as soon as we arrive we get to work. We don’t want you to remain stuck and take every step so that you can drive away with your vehicle as soon as possible. We understand that an emergency can occur at any time of the day hence we offer services to numerous suburbs of Melbourne for the whole day whether be it a working day or a public holiday. Call us at 0431 222 996 in case of emergency or you can drop an online message and we will get back to you.

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