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We can understand the stress involved when a key breaks inside a lock of a house or building while trying to lock or unlock it. Mylock Locksmiths have both expertise and experience in dealing with such situations and we can get the job done in less time than you would normally expect us to take. Whether it’s a front door lock or just a cabinet lock we will finish the job in the least time possible ensuring you peace of mind. Also, the key doesn’t break at any specific time of day and hence we offer our services 24/7. Thus even if you have broken your key on public holidays we are available to help you.

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Fast and Effective Broken Key Removal and Spare Key Service

The best part about hiring us is that we offer you a fixed quote and unlike some swindlers, we don’t charge any hidden fees after the job is done. We carry tools that are specially designed for taking out the broken parts of the keys from inside of the lock and thus free up the lock from foreign objects. Sometimes the disassembly of the lock is also required and then the process becomes a bit longer. Every lock is different and hence the complexity level of developing a key. We consider our client’s time very seriously and hence get to work straightway after reaching the location. Hire us and feel the difference in our services.

Why Do Door Keys Break Inside the Lock?

Front door keys are very prone to breaking simply because this door is the most used one in the house. Sometimes while taking out heavy things the key breaks off due to coming in contact with objects. Sometimes the key breaks due to some issues related to the lock and hence in such cases the lock must be changed. The keys of garage doors are also quite vulnerable as they can be broken if one opens the roller while the key is still stuck inside the lock then it breaks off. Well, whatever the door if the key is broken inside the lock we can fix the lock and cut a new key.

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    Well, are you worried about having to change your entire lock simply because the broken key is stuck inside the lock? Worry not we at Mylock Locksmiths have the right tools and expertise to get the job done. Simply pick up your phone and dial the number 0431 222 996 or mail at Alternatively, you could also drop your request online about your requirements and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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